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Renato Fernandes is 6th generation Circus performer, 3rd generation Flying Trapeze artist. Renato has traveled all over performing Flying Trapeze with his family. At the age of 4 Renato had his first professional Flying Trapeze performance and went on to accomplishing many more things in 25+ years of experience in Flying Trapeze. 

 Renato joined Cirque Du Soleil – La Nouba in 2012. On February 24, 2016 he became the first man in history to accomplish the Double Twisting Double Layout & a Half on the Flying Trapeze. 

Renato joined the Flying Tuniziani to participate in the 44th edition of the Festival International Du Cirque De Monte Carlo 2020 in Monaco. Renato became the first man is history to perform the Double Twisting Double Layout & Half and Ammed Tuniziani became the first man in history to accomplish the Quadruple Somersault the first try on opening night of the festival. Together alongside the team they were crowned champions by  Prince Albert II and Princess Stephanie of Monaco bringing home the world famous GOLD CLOWN

Now his focus is in giving back to the community by starting the first accredited Flying Trapeze Academy where people who desire to become a professional Trapeze Artist and join a traveling entertainment show can come train and make progress. 

 While having beginner class for first timers, advance for progress students, and professional for those who want to become a Professional Performing Trapeze Artist for shows such as Cirque Du Soleil where his past experience and Network of the best Flying Trapeze related people in the world will join and help him bring this Elite level of coaching to you.

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" It is the intention of the academy to provide an uninterrupted and accessible continuum guiding development from beginner to elite performer in a seamless, accredited progression in a safe and friendly environment. "

-R. F.


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