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Program Overview

Overview: Project


Level 1

At Beginner level, students will be introduced to the basics of Flying Trapeze. They will learn level 1 tricks and will also build core strength, flexibility and other types of physical preparation that are paramount for Flying Trapeze. 

By the end of the beginner course, students will be able to perform level 1 tricks, will have gained experience on a full sized professional Flying Trapeze rig and developed aerial awareness.


Level 2

At Intermediate level, students will learn appropriate progressions in order to perform level 2 skills. Throughout the Intermediate course students will continue to develop their physical strength and begin to understand basic biomechanics of rotation and body positioning. An appreciation of basic rigging will be introduced at this level.


Level 3

At Advanced level, the focus is on learning level 3 skills necessary in order to work professionally. This also includes fly board movement, ground presentation and choreography.

Rigging knowledge will be continued resulting in the ability to work within a team to set up a Flying Trapeze rig safely.


Level 4

At Elite level, students will develop level 4 skills. By the end of this course the Elite students will have the ability to be the lead flyer in a professional performance. 

Students will gain advanced knowledge in rigging and therefore be able to lead the set up and tear down of a Flying Trapeze rig efficiently and safely.

Elite Plus

Level 5

Elite Plus level is aimed at established Flyers at a professional level. At this level students will be striving for ground breaking tricks only performed by the best in the world. This will enable the innovation of unique tricks to enhance the world of Flying Trapeze.

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