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Mission Statement

Flying Trapeze is gaining popularity and demand around the world. Traditionally Flying Trapeze was only performed in the traditional circus, however today this is recognized as a unique art form internationally performed in mainstream entertainment. Flying Trapeze has evolved to envelop other art forms, such as music and visual arts.

Mestre Trapeze Academy is a professional training academy for Flying Trapeze. There are currently no accredited Trapeze institutions offering a structured and sequential pathway to elite Flying Trapeze of this level worldwide.

Vision Statement

MTA's focus is to produce elite level Flying Trapeze artists of the next generation. Our program is designed to encourage students to challenge and revolutionize Flying Trapeze.

Our goal is to make Flying Trapeze a unique form of artistic sporting in the modern world.

Students will have the opportunity to be involved in exclusive field trips and interact with today's elite Flying Trapeze artists from around the world.

MTA is dedicated to creating students who have the skills to offer exceptional performances and the versatility to bring Flying Trapeze to both new and traditional places, across boundaries of culture, space, and expectations.

Mestre Trapeze Academy is a professional Flying Trapeze program providing an uninterrupted and accessible continuum guiding development from Beginner to Elite performer in a seamless, accredited progression in a safe and friendly environment

Las Vegas, NV

Book a Flying Session

"Experience the thrill of flying! Join us for a trapeze session where you'll soar through the air, learn new skills, and make unforgettable memories.

Reserve your spot now!"


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